What was the last city you traveled to and how did it make you feel?.

It was September in Montreal but it kept reminding me of springtime in Barcelona. Riding clunky rental Bixi bikes along the waterfront and when our time expired, strolling along the Lachine Canal to a trail-side cafe with an outdoor terrace.

Wandering through the Place de la Spectacle, where Rue de St. Catherine becomes a pedestrian mall, next to the Museum of Modern Art. Families and couples dressed in bright colors, claiming seats on the steps for the outdoor Film Festival.

Just the intelligence displayed in the layout of the city, the respect for the environment, the varieties of nationalities making it a true metropolis recreated for me the feeling of being in Barcelona. We stayed four days in an apartment near The Village with a couple of strangers that became our new friends. Bertrand was from the Island of Mauritias and Christian was from Columbia. Both of them were eloquent on the benefits of living in Montreal.

Maybe it was the great subway system, or the view from Mount Royale, or the Place du Jacques Cartier with busloads of Korean tourists taking selfies with the statue of Admiral Nelson. Admiral Nelson? Yep, he’s there, too, patiently enduring pigeon shit and cruise ships, waiting–who knows–maybe for you?

The Biosphere