So where were you in 1986? And who or what was the muse / musician in your heart?

I thought we still had this Joni Mitchell album in our LP collection, but it’s gone missing. Maybe it was on a tape and you know how they stretch and melt? Or maybe on a CD that got scratched? Remember how media used to deteriorate in those days, so long ago? So probably it got tossed.

I was a stay-at-home Dad in 1986, raising a 3-year old boy and a 1-year old girl, while my wife supported our family, working as a Children’s librarian at the Southwest Branch in Roy, Utah. We were emigrants then to Utah and every day was an Adventure.

Our kids learned Survival Skills at an early age. We spent many days exploring the 25-acre woods just across the irrigation canal. Yes, we have home movies of kids floating down the canal. And we got lots of Home Improvement done, upgrading & making this old bungalow our own in every way possible. Piete & Mieka were my Little Helpers. Now they’re all grown up and living lives of their own, and in countless unspoken ways, we depend on them.

Joni on June 15, 1986