Staff training @ 8:00 a.m. this morning, 13 of us jammed inside the Gates Computer Lab. They had to go find the projector and hook it up, and then it failed. Which allowed plenty of time for important announcements:

New lanyards. They’re super-durable and now we will all have First Names.

Zero tolerance for Patrons lounging on floor next to an outlet while their Cellphone recharges.
Those dang 10-foot long cords are a Safety Issue.

Security Issues & Back Door Policy: Nobody gets out of here that way anymore. And you know Who we’re talking about.

Megan wisely decided to hell with the overhead projector and we all keyed-in the web address for WCL New & Improved website. Sorry, can’t share that information at this time but…

It will blow your socks off!

The next 60 minutes were a thrill-ride of suspense as we all hung on and tried to keep up with Megan, Jennifer, and Randy as they gave us a guided tour showing how to answer Common Reference Questions using 5 Serial Bases, plus good old EBSCO.

Yep, They Blinded Me With Library Science.

Here’s what I gleaned from my own search for Famous Local Author, Bernard De Voto, from the Ogden Standard-Examiner, Dec. __, 1922