Return to Circa ’96 Global Tour starts at this Charming Guest Cottage in Fairhaven, Washington, 15 minutes walk from good old Fairhaven College, where I spent 1970-72 learning all the wrong stuff. Funny how things NOT on the curriculum have stayed the longest with me.

Starting with Orientation, when we harvested apples, cleaned, cored, cut, pressed, and strained apple juice. Learned to bottle it and make cider.

Like everybody else, I worked my shift at the Food Co-Op. And spent inordinate amounts of time just hanging out at Toad Hall, surviving on soup of the day and those humongous whole-wheat grilled cheese sandwiches.

I remember spending a lot of time volunteering for the alternative Free paper, attending meetings with fiery discussions on Women’s Lib & Political Correctness, but mostly just bundling and schlepping copies around campus and local coffee shops.

Anybody out there still living in the area? Let me know & we can meet at Toad Hall or Village Books.

Charming Guest Cottage

Village Books

Fairhaven Interdisciplinary College