– Circa ’96: the Twentieth Century is already over and the Twenty-first is well under way. People just don’t get it yet.

So says Rachael Rabinovitz, introduced in this EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from Return to Circa ’96:

Rachael and I had become friends while writing for our college paper on the green, green coast of Washington State. Rachael was the managing editor. I wrote book reviews and sold advertising, feeling like Leopold Bloom, Jr. as I made my weekly rounds among small enterprises of the old fishing port.

When it was time to go to press, we all worked together: entering text on the compositor, printing and cutting the sheets into columns, applying melted wax to the reverse side, painstakingly pasting our stories—bits and pieces of information with pictures and captions—onto the blue-line grid. What I learned in college has only been reinforced by my experience since then; publishing is a collaborative medium made up of iconoclastic introverts held together by the brute force known as a deadline.