In this EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from Return to Circa ’96, Rachael and Jeremiah are sharing a bottle of merlot on the lawn in Central Park:

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—What I really want to see is Publisher’s Row, I said.
—Publisher’s Row?
—You know, that street where all the publishers publish on? Where you throw your manuscript over the transom?
—They have air conditioning now, Jeremiah. Nobody has transoms anymore, except in old movies.
—Well, wherever all those publishers went to. That’s what I want to see.
—Book publishing is over, Jeremy, didn’t you get the e-mail on that? They gobbled each other up. The ones that didn’t move fast enough are extinct. Publishing is metamorphosing into all media, and no place more so than in Times Square.
—Okay, let’s start there, I said, unfolding the map out of my day planner. But I don’t get why they call it a square, cuz’ it looks more like an X to me.
—It’s not an X, it’s a nexus, said Rachael. Broadway, Seventh Avenue, and Forty-second Street intersect in three-hundred-fifty years of history. Times Square is the omphalos of New York. That’s why the Disneyfication of Times Square is such a, literally, gut-wrenching experience for people who live here. Times Square is where you rise up out of the subway and into the belly of the beast.
—Excuse me, but what’s “Disneyfication?” Sounds like a disease.
—Exactly! Don’t even get me started on Disneyfication. It’s too horrible to even talk about what they’re doing to Times Square.

* ( Yes, Return to Circa ’96 is written in Dewey Decimal order. It’s All About Library Science…v.s. the internet.)