Chapter 2 of Sidetracked: My 30-Year Ordeal Behind the Zion Curtain

It was Easter Weekend of 1981. After a year of exchanging postcards and letters, I hitch-hiked from Seattle to Utah for a 7-day expedition, floating down the San Juan River with Suzanne’s friends and co-workers at SPLORE : Special Populations Learning Outdoor Recreation Experiences. That was me, exactly, and my first river trip became the basis for this story, published in Weber Studies in 1994:

Blurry Human Figures of No Political Significance

(There exists a 16-millimeter movie of this trip, filmed, edited, and set to a Pat Methany soundtrack, created by Ron Lee. Getting it digitized, uploaded, and linked to this post is what comes next.)


(Actually, this photo is from another trip, long before Suzanne turned Pro.)