Nobody I know has hair like that these days, but oh man, what a feeling: Bonnie Raitt reversing the lyrics of Jackson Browne’s song of imminent departure. Somehow you’ve got the 70s, the 80s, and today’s local weather all at the same time.

My Opening Farewell

Meanwhile, home improvement projects continue. Installed a $26 steel corner post to replace the wooden post that had rotted and then collapsed under the weight of our neighbor’s Insidious Vine.

“It wouldn’t have happened if you’d used metal posts when we built the fence, like I told you then,” Lavel bitterly commented. “They’re all gonna rot.”

“They’re fine except for the ones where you raised the road.”

“That has nothing to do with it. Metal posts will last forever. But you and Suzanne wouldn’t have it.”

“Woulda looked like a dog run, Lavel.”

“I was just trying to be a good neighbor. And now look what we got.”

He sighed wearily and gave me a look of personal disappointment. Just the two of us out by the fence on a Sunday afternoon enjoying the fine fall weather.

I felt bad because I knew he was right. It was strange to see a dark cloud pass across Lavel’s normally sunny face. A satellite dish entrepeneur and the hardest-working man in the neighborhood, his 2 1/2 acre spread was a model orchard and garden landscaped like a private park. Lavel is a church-going, government-fearing, nice guy and natural salesman. He does everything the Right Way–and I had let him down.

But that was last week. Now, it’s suddenly Winter, and I’m finally working on that bookcase / room divider for the Conservatory / Sun Room. It’s been on my To-Do List since 1999.

That’s right: this writer writes books and builds shelves to put them on. Buy my book and I’ll build you a shelf for proper display of Return to Circa ’96. Not likely to win any awards for the bookshelf, but the time has come to get ‘er done.

Ordered $362 worth of golden oak from Ellis Planing Mill–last surviving oasis of the real workaday world–in beautiful downtown Ogden. Now I’m learning all about fluted wood dowel pins and how to use them. Biked to Home Depot in the snow because I ran out of 1/4″ pins.

A good thing, as it turns out, because I discovered the E-Z Pro Doweling Jig Kit #841 for $29.95. Complete with Users Manual showing that what I really needed were 5/16″ pins. The kit was made in Montreal, but the box of pins were from China.

E-Z Pro Doweling Jig Kit #841

There’s a train everyday leaving either way
There’s a world, you know
There’s a way to go…