Charming Cabin

Charming Cabin in Fairhaven

Oatmeal, raisins, and coffee in the morning, hanging out with Todd in the kitchen, sitting on a stool at the counter. Carrie is a lawyer and works in an office. Todd works at home when he is not working as a substitute teacher. Sometimes he works on this house and sometimes he works on the house next door that he and his wife are buying as a real estate investment. They have two charming school-age children and two dogs; Big Dog and Little Dog, aka Barky.

Another thing AirBnB guests should know is that, yes, the toilet DOES have a heated seat. Not only that, but there is a warm-water spray for ladies’ private parts and a diagram on the wall showing how to use it. Oh my Heck, we’re not in Utah, anymore!

Feeling much improved after soaking in a hot bath, I girded up my loins (What the heck does Gird Up the Loins mean?) and shambled back down the hill to Village Books.  Events Coordinator Christina Claassen was very helpful for this neophyte author. First of all, she said, check out the Booking Events page on their website:

Christina also strongly suggested I contact Whatcom County Libraries. Their Friends of the Library group is very supportive and they can coordinate a public reading with Village Books. I thanked her profusely, and charged with renewed energy, I chugged up Harris Street to the nearest library. It was closed.

Fairhaven Library

Fairhaven Library

Whatcom County Library System

And then I was off to the post office to mail a package. All the books, pamphlets, magazines, flyers, and maps accumulated over the past few days could be mailed home. It was all Printed Matter, so you get that special rate, right?

Fairhaven Post Office

Fairhaven Post Office

Had to buy a Priority Mail box for the books and that raised the rate to $12.65. A roll of mailing tape was $2.79: $15.68 total. Totally worth it to lose the weight. Am I too old to be wandering around, carrying all my possessions on my back? I just can’t see myself hauling a roll-away suitcase. With one of those deals, you can’t go off-road. Going off the road is what being On The Road is all about. Right?

What would John Steinbeck do? I can’t see him with a roller bag, either. You know he wouldn’t be driving the camper-rig he called Rocinante that he used in Travels With Charley. It wouldn’t be worth writing about because everybody does that now. Motor homes, cruise ships, and airplane vacations are all about escaping reality.

Walking is real. Measuring the size of your world by the length of your stride, one step at a time, moving through the stations of life. Walking works for me, in combination with buses, trains, and light rail. Anything rather than fly in a plane or drive in a car–emphasis on in. Just being out, in the elements, elementary living, down among the poor and dispossessed has always been and will always be what it’s all about.

Living in Utah is another form of insulation from what the real world is really like. What you can’t fully appreciate until you find yourself down and out there is the extent of the situation. The poor will always be among us is what Jesus says, but these are surplus people in an over-populated world. Whether or not you want to see them, they see you.

Waiting For A Train

Waiting For A Train at Fairhaven Station

Okay, so maybe not the best photo to illustrate the misery of the homeless wanderers among us. Dude looks pretty warm and comfy, seems to me. That’s the difference between Amtrack and Greyhound.