So I e-mailed the new people at Ooligan Press letting them know I was in town, then I hiked down Holman Lane to the city. About an hour, downhill all the way, MUDDY & STEEP. Trail Advisory: Wear Ad-Tech Logger Boots!
Holman Lane Makes Key Connection

Caught the #15 Bus on Thurman and transferred to a streetcar going to Portland State University.

Home of Ooligan Press

Home of Ooligan Press

Way back in 2006, Ooligan Press had accepted an early version of my novel as a possible publishing project. Students in the Editing Class reviewed my manuscript, analyzing its merits and failures, and most importantly; gave me detailed, written suggestions on how to make a better book. Because of the cost of a novel with FULL COLOR inserts, Ooligan passed on publishing, but I wanted to let them know that their work had not been done in vain.

Nobody from 2006 was there anymore. However, I had a brief conference with Abbey Gaterud, Publisher, Ooligan Press. Abbey had practical advice, letting me know that a book signing event at Powell’s Books was not likely for a first time novelist. She suggested:

Broadway Books 1714 NE Broadway, Portland, Oregon

St. John’s Booksellers 8622 N. Lombard Street, Portland, Oregon

Wordstock: Portland’s Annual Book Festival Nov. 7, 2015 at the Portland Art Museum, 1119 SW Park Ave. (at Main St.)

Per Henningsgaard is the new Director of Ooligan Press, but I missed him by minutes because I had arrived too soon. I left a note for Per and walked down the campus to the Viking Union for a $1.95 cup of coffee and $1.69 Einstein Bros. High Protein Power bagel.

“Lunch time for the big guy,” said the cashier. She was in a great mood, helpful and encouraging to everyone; staff, students, and wandering authors. “I’m just trying to help you guys get through Finals Week,” she said.

“Hi / there.” She sings it to everyone: High…and Low.

It’s been Finals Week at all the colleges I visited this week and never have I seen so many dedicated, hard-working students. Probably because I was never there for Finals Week in my college days.

Sat in the Viking Union, catching up on my travel notes, enjoying my coffee, bagel, and the last organic yellow apple left by the Vegans at the AirBnB in Forest Park. Nobody actually lives there, but Tahn gets a discount on her rent and a small fee for managing the house. She says it’s like running an inn, and more work than you’d think keeping everyone satisfied. Tahn says a Vegan and a Rawtarian stayed for Thanksgiving and they prepared a feast that was 100% natural and respective of their separate belief systems. I’ve been surviving on left-over apples, carrots, celery, raisins, and lettuce since I arrived: 3 days @ $45 per night.

AirBnB outside the city

AirBnB outside the city

Tranquil NW Forest Park

All went well at first, but on the third day it seems I’m having My Own Private Portlandia. While on campus at Portland State, I tried to buy a copy of Rethinking Paper & Ink, and failed at that, too. There’s 1 copy in the campus bookstore somewhere…they just couldn’t locate it. And 1 copy locked in the display shelf outside The English Dept. office.

Rethinking Paper & Ink

Then I rode trains around Portland trying to mail a package of Christmas Gifts home, but forget that, the lines are Crazy at the Post Office, ‘cuz its Christmas.

“Did you get your Tree yet?”
That’s all anybody wants to talk about. Sunday I hiked up to Skyline Blvd. and a whole line of cars and family vans came shooting down the hill, each one with a tree strapped to the roof. It was just like hunting season in Utah, when all those pickup trucks return from the hunt with deer tied on top.

Caught a streetcar going north and got off at the Greyhound Station–just as creepy as it was when I arrived. Tomorrow’s plan: wait for the bus at the train station.

Hiked up Hoyt St. stopping at the Rite-Aid to buy a knee brace replacement for the one I lost on the bus three days ago: $13.99. Discovered a bonus, something you won’t find in Utah at pharmacies: 500 ml. disposable container of Cabernet Sauvignon, $3.99. With renewed spirit, walked-on up Hoyt, to 11th Avenue, where you can catch the #15 Metro going up Thurman St., near the base of Forest Park.

Had another great bagel at…

Turkey on Whole Grain Bagel, potato salad, Macadamia Nut Fudge Coffee

Turkey on Whole Grain Bagel, potato salad, Macadamia Nut Fudge Coffee

(Portland Bagel Works)

…and more coffee to get up that hill–HOLMAN LANE–through Forest Park. It’s awesome, but not recommended for the faint of heart. Tahn says she NEVER tells guests about that backdoor rout to town because they’re just going to get LOST. It’s muddy and STEEP!

“Well, I’m from Utah,” I said. “I figured I could handle it.”

Just my kind of trail, and when you get downtown, there’s fresh coffee, bagels, mass transit, and everybody being Exactly What they aRe.

Too bad I didn’t get to meet Per, because when I checked my e-mail at the AirBnB, there was a very nice note asking me to stop by AFTER 12:00 noon.

Per seems to get that Return to Circa 96 is an art project for people who like books that make them THINK. I’m hoping that 3 years from now, when I can publish a digital edition, this is the kind of book Ooligan will be looking for.

I got back to the AirBnB just as Tahn was leaving for her Finals in Landscape Certification. You’d like her, she was  born in Hawaii and raised in Colorado, loves to ski, eat healthy, and stay fit.

Rawtarian Thanksgiving

Rawtarian Thanksgiving