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The Sunday Seattle Times NW Jobs section features a brief Q & A with Novelist Peter Mountford, “events curator” at Hugo House, Seattle’s red-hot smoldering center of all things Writerly:

“People think–and I used to think this too–that the goal of writing is to get published. It’s the other way around. The whole point of publishing is to buy yourself some more time to write, which is the actual goal.”

Got an early start, showing up 2 hours too early for my AirBnB. Could not get into their apt. building and nobody answered the buzzer. Temperature was in the 30s.

Calm, charming bedroom in U District

Found a warm place to catch up on my journal while waiting, soaking up sun, sitting in the lee of the reflective-glass-walled south-facing plaza of the Law Library on the UW campus. Lazy, Sunday, low ebb on campus, students not yet returned from…

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