So I e-mailed the new people at Ooligan Press letting them know I was in town, then I hiked down Holman Lane to the city. About an hour, downhill all the way, MUDDY & STEEP. Trail Advisory: Wear Ad-Tech Boots!

Caught the #15 Bus on Thurman and transferred to a streetcar going to Portland State University.

Home of Ooligan Press Home of Ooligan Press

Way back in 2006, Ooligan Press had accepted an early version of my novel as a possible publishing project. Students in the Editing Class reviewed my manuscript, analyzing its merits and failures, and most importantly; offering detailed, written suggestions on how to make a better book. Because of the cost of a novel with FULL COLOR inserts, Ooligan passed on publishing, but I wanted to let them know that their work had not been done in vain.

Nobody from 2006 was there anymore. However, I…

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