Shifted down to the lowest gear biking up the broken asphalt & shattered glass back-door of Ogden Cemetery–what used to be known as Madison Avenue, before the City built an earth-berm at the top and erected a chain-link fence in a vain attempt to protect historic gravestones.

That was the previous administration and a more enlightened govt. now allows–but does NOT encourage or promote–daily access for those of us who Choose Not to Drive…and for schoolkids, dog-walkers, and residents of Ogden’s inner city. Those of us livin’ in the ‘hood.

“Your bike is Ill!” said one of the pair of brown-skinned boys hiking down the trail.

“Thanks, man,” I said. It’s true, my bike rox. I get these kind of acknowledgements from fellow travelers of the trail all the time.

My bike is a 29er hybrid, made by Raleigh, with dual headlights, flashing rear light, silver saddlebags and a bell. It’s all silver and its name is Velocio.

At work today, Zack says:

“So are you taking more time off for your book? Jeez, you just had three weeks.”

“Not until March or April. When the book comes out, then I go on my tour.”

“You’ve got a book tour?”

“Walla Walla, Bellingham, Olympia, Seattle, Portland, and Eugene. That’s where my family and friends live.”

“Good idea,” said Zack. “That way you’ll have at least one person show up and you’ll have a place to stay.”