Fairhaven Farewell Fairhaven Farewell

Worried about missing my bus, I scuttled down 12th Street toward the waterfront in Fairhaven, wearing my backpack and clutching the black shoulder bag to my chest. It was stuffed like a Butterball Turkey and weighed as much.

A passing police car did a quick about-face and then drove slowly past me. It scooted ahead a few blocks, then turned again and pulled over to watch me parade by.

I slowed down and focused on the Canadian Geese resting on the beach and floating among the reeds. This was an industrial wasteland when I arrived in 1970. Our class was given a tour of the pulp mill. Then our teacher at Fairhaven College, Dr. Robert Keller, lead a class-action suit against the pulp mill. Now this waterfront is a nature preserve and a tourist destination.

Whoever was driving the mirrored-glass police car turned around again, driving all theā€¦

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