Jeremiah D. Angelo discussed the origin and 10-year development of his award-winning book, Return to Circa ’96 last night in Ogden, Utah at Weber County Library. His tell-all testimonial reports what happened when KEYCO came to town and turned River Bend Public Library into a wholly owned subsidiary.

Replete with photos, charts, flyers, and two 16-page issues of riverrun–the library newsletter edited by Mr. Angelo–Return to Circa ’96 won 1st Prize for novel from the Utah Arts Council in 2005. In 2014 a vastly revised and re-titled version won the 2014 Kenneth Patchen Award for Innovative Novel.

River Bend Library

River Bend Library, Circa 1896

Robyn Stark of The Queen Bee was on hand, selling the book for $24.95. Copies are available at her store located on Historic 25th Street, directly adjacent to Great Harvest Bread. What could be more appropriate, as fresh-baked, whole wheat bread plays a significant part in the story. But you’ll have to read it yourself to find out why.

Notable citizens of River Bend in attendance at the public reading included: Julia, Jack, Keith, Mitch, Gary-the-Homeless-Veteran, Sam, Deborah,  Suzandelion, and Barbara Beesting.

Suddenly, I knew exactly what should go on the cover of my novel.

Jeremiah D. Angelo discusses the origins of his fascination with books: the Walla Walla Carnegie Library.

Mixing hi-tech showmanship with down-home humor and an old-fashioned stand-up public reading, Mr. Angelo wove a spell of enchantment over the delighted citizens of River Bend. Cookies and Kool-Aid were served.

Thanx and a tippo the hat to Megan Fitzgerald, librarian extraordinaire. When you really, really need to know, ask a librarian!

Julia Valle & author

Julia Valle & author

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