I will be spending my day off baking cookies, mixing Kool-Aid, and presenting a multimedia book talk at the place I used to work. It’s kind of shocking to realize 12 years have passed.

Yes, that was me behind the counter at OVB from 2000-2003. Book talks in the board room, Key Ingredients in the community kitchen, and the coolest art gallery in Ogden Valley. A wide open back door with a view of the mountains in the staff work room. Barbecues on the patio. Swimming in Pine View Reservoir on your lunch break–what’s not to like?

And then they sent me to Anger Management. Fortunately, our weekly meetings at New Horizons had a very cool teacher, who said: “Just call me Coach.”

Dreading it at first, I came to look forward to these regular talks with other colorful, outspoken individuals. If they had served drinks, it would have been just like a bar. I passed the 12-step program and got my certificate.

That, and writing about it in an award-winning novel, has made me a changed man.

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