It’s summertime in River Bend and the livin’ is easy. Folks be chillin’ at the libarry, surfing the internet, and researching Initiative #2: Raise the Magnolia! Which will be on the River Bend Public Ballot come Nov. 8, 1996.


Looking for a fun, summer book to read at the beach, or nod off in a hammock with while perusing colorful pages from a “rare and curious volume of forgotten lore”? If you are so inclined, check out Return to Circa ’96, an Illustrated Novel.

Old Main and South West River Bend Libraries are leading in circulations of Return to Circa ’96, an award-winning illustrated Memoir/ Testimonial published by Mr. Jeremiah D. Angelo–(notorious ex-employee of said libaries (sic) under the Federal Witness Protection Program and probably working with a * New Identity * at a library near you. (Ask for Rockin’ Robin. ;>)

Heads Up, City-zens of South River Bend! ((aka PVB, i.e. Pleasant Valley Branch), possibly named after the 1966 Monkees song, “Another Pleasant Valley Sunday?)) (Little known Fact: it was written by Carole King. Yep. You could just GOOGLE it, except Google didn’t exist in 1996–and yet we survived.)

Yes, the PVB copy of Return to Circa ’96 sits virgin-like on the shelf: always a brides-maid, but NEVER Checked-out! “ZERO Circs,” as professional Libarrians say. A slim volume, shyly hiding her story of what the heck happened when the internet came to town. So, let’s try to pump up those stats. Check it out Now and find out what all the fuss is about!


“Circa ’96–the 20th Century is over and the 21st Century is well under way. People just don’t get it yet.” –Rachael Rabinowitz

Copies also available at Independent Bookstores Near You:

Planet Rainbow, The Queen Bee, (Ogden) Weller Book Works (Salt Lake City) Orca Books (Olympia, Wash.)

35 remaining copies of 1st Edition c/o the author.

Also available on


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