ReturnBookjacket2The Deluxe edition of Return to River Bend was a hit at Planet Rainbow where award-winning author Jeremiah D. Angelo hobnobbed with fellow scribes, celebrating Ogden’s Historic Pioneer Days, July 4-24.

(FREE 11″ X 24″ book jacket: Download, print-out, and wrap your award-winning 1st edition with this 2nd edition colorful graphic of the Carnegie Library, Walla Walla, Washington.)

Also sold 1 copy of this perennial classic:


Bought 3 books by local authors:

Blitz Kids

Catch me if you can… by Kathleen Watts

Hat’s Off to Harm: Harman W. Peery, Ogden’s Cowboy Mayor by C. M. Barnes & Robert Perry King

Reading all three books at once, plus a couple about bike racing in the Good Old Days. So far, Catch me if you can… is winning…

Hate to post & run but it’s time to bike back to the big book place in our little town.